Euvita Wealth Management Advisory

Euvita is a consultancy focused on the design and delivery of strategic change in the Wealth Management sector of Financial Services.

The management of wealth has changed dramatically in recent years and yet the extent of this change is in our view only a forerunner of the seismic shifts in the sector that are still to play out. Euvita has people who were not mere observers but active participants in these changes to date, and we are actively engaged in advising firms on how to prepare for, and take advantage of these developments.

Simultaneous challenges - including the multi year recession, flat markets, low returns, low confidence amongst individual investors, post crisis broader banking regulation and concerted efforts by several national governments to protect unsophisticated investors and ensure offshore assets are taxed - have meant that all Wealth Management firms have to some degree been running to stand still. The cost of meeting these challenges while facing constrained revenues has thrown the high cost income ratio in private wealth firms into sharp relief. Basically everyone is struggling to do more with less.

Yet it remains very attractive as a sector with less risk than investment banking and higher potential margins to retail or plain commercial banking. Add to that the core long term driver of increasing numbers of affluent and high net worth individuals and shrinking welfare provision in the old economies, the future is bright for those that can make it through the downturn and be well positioned to take market share as conditions improve. For more on these changes, the state of the industry and the current direction of travel, see our section on Managing Wealth.

We observe that many of the participants in the sector are pursuing very similar strategies, yet there is a wide variation in their ability to deliver an attractive and robust proposition into the market. For more on the surprisingly common pitfalls in delivering on good intentions, see our section Managing Change.

Euvita has experience of supporting wealth managers, private banks, independent financial advisors, life and pension providers, retail distributors, asset managers and discretionary investment managers. A list of typical engagements is given in the Euvita Can section.

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